In eeNews Europe by Peter Clarke.

Esperanto Technologies Inc. (Mountain View, Calif.), a 2014 startup founded by chip industry veteran Dave Ditzel, has made its first public statements about its technology.

The company has said it now wants to create energy efficient computing chips for artificial intelligence and machine learning using the RISC-V instruction set.

During his presentation at the 7th RISC-V workshop held in Milpitas, California, entitled ‘Industrial strength high-performance RISC-V processors for energy-efficient computing’, Ditzel said his company would be producing a supercomputer-on-a-chip made in 7nm CMOS process technology.

This chip would include two types of processor: the performance-oriented ET-Maxion 64-bit RISC-V core and the energy efficiency oriented ET-Minion 64-bit RISC-V core each with a vector floating-point unit. The advanced manufacturing process will allow 16 ET-Maxions to sit alongside 4096 ET-Minions.

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