OK, that wins the prize for best title of a presentation in the recent RISC-V workshop, or pretty much any workshop. I couldn’t resist using it aa a title for this post. Can you say click-bait? You’ll have to read almost to the end to find out about RISC-V chickens. That’s after finding out about RISC-V minions.

This is the second post from the RISC-V workshop. If you missed it, the rather less interestingly titled RISC-V Workshop, Milpitas was yesterday. You should probably start there, if you haven’t read it already. This picks up where that post left off.


I should probably have just used Dave Ditzel as the subheading, not the name of the company that he heads up. He is a legendary name in computer architecture, especially in getting good performance at very low power, and using “code morphing” software (running a different instruction set from the underlying hardware). He did a stint for several years at Intel, but his probably most famous for starting Transmeta (not to mention persuading Linus Torvalds to come and work for him there). Before that, he was at Sun for years, as the CTO of the SPARC side of the house, the lead architect for the 64-bit version.

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