See Esperanto at HiPEAC 2024

HiPEAC 2024

Dave Ditzel, Founder and CTO of Esperanto Technologies, will be presenting in the RISC-V Workshop at HiPEAC 2024.

HiPEAC 2024, the annual Conference for the High Performance, Edge and Cloud computing project funded by the European Commission, is coming up January 17-19, 2024 in Munich, Germany.

High-end computing is undergoing revolutionary change. After many years of most high-end computers being used to serve web pages, the last decade saw a remarkable growth in the use of machine learning. Separately, HPC computers continued to grow peak flop rates, but system design was largely constrained to x86 server CPUs coupled with GPU accelerators. The thesis of this presentation is that the rise of generative-AI system is the final tipping point that will push for merged ML/HPC system design, and that RISC-V is well positioned to be able to take a leading role in this revolution.

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