Hear Esperanto’s Keynote at MICRO 2022

Hear Dave Ditzel of Esperanto at MICRO 2022

Dave Ditzel, Founder and CTO of Esperanto Technologies, will deliver a keynote, “The RISC journey from one to a million processors,” at MICRO on Oct 3.

MICRO 2022 is the 55th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture®
The event runs October 1–5, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.

Keynote: “The evolution of processor design in the last 50 years has taken a variety of paths, but the principles embodied in RISC design have been one of the most used approaches over the last 25 years. This talk will make the case that general-purpose RISC processors are likely to stay in the mainstream for the foreseeable future, along with other key technology developments that will influence the design of processors of the future. Having been an active participant in the RISC revolution since the term was coined in 1980, this talk will review some of the salient achievements in the evolution of RISC until today, and talk about where the future will lead us. Most notable is that until recently, much computing has been done on only a single or small number of processor cores, but that we are entering a renaissance where access to thousands to millions of processor cores will be as common as a desktop computer is today. This talk will touch on some of the key technology advances that will enable our RISC based future and make some predictions for what we can expect in the next decade.” – Dave Ditzel

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