Esperanto Presents at the RISC-V Summit 2022

Hear Dave Ditzel of Esperanto Technologies speak at the RISC-V Summit 2022

Dave Ditzel, Founder and CTO of Esperanto Technologies, will deliver a presentation, “Real World Results using Thousands of RISC-V Cores for AI and Beyond,” at the RISC-V Summit on December 13, 2022.

The RISC-V community – including the technical, industry, domain and special interest groups who define the architecture’s specifications – attend the RISC-V Summit for four days of technology breakthroughs, industry milestones, tutorials, and relationship building. The event runs December 13–14, 2022 in San Jose, CA.

Presentation Title: Real World Results using Thousands of RISC-V Cores for AI and Beyond
Speaker: Dave Ditzel, CTO and Founder, Esperanto Technologies, Inc.
When: Tuesday December 13, 2022 4:45pm – 5:05pm PST
Where: Grand Ballroom A, San Jose McEnery Convention Center, 150 W San Carlos Street, San Jose, CA 95113
Abstract: Esperanto’s ET-SoC-1 features over a thousand 64-bit RISC-V vector/tensor cores on a single 7nm chip. This product started shipping to customers in 2022. This presentation will discuss the architecture of the ET-SoC-1 and how it is incorporated into systems appropriate for data centers. This presentation will present real world results in both performance and performance per watt. We will show a system example where a single rack could hold over 300,000 RISC-V processors. The results demonstrate that one can achieve excellent results for accelerating machine learning and other applications by building on top of the general-purpose RISC-V instruction set. One does not have to resort to GPUs to get good performance per watt, RISC-V is a better alternative. This talk will also discuss Esperanto’s roadmap, which will incorporate chiplet inter-operability and much higher performance, improved performance per watt, and larger number of cores per package.
Track: Industry, High-Performance Computing & Data Centers

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