Art Swift Delivers Keynote and Speaks on Panel at COOL Chips 24

Art Swift, President and CEO of Esperanto Technologies™, will deliver a keynote and also speak on a panel at COOL Chips 24.

  • When: April 14 and 15 (Japan time.)
  • Where: Virtual event, online.
  • AgendaCOOL Chips

Keynote: High-Efficiency Inferencing for Scalable Machine Learning

  • Speaker: Art Swift (Esperanto Technologies)
  • Abstract: The extraordinary market demand for large-scale machine learning solutions requires more than GPUs, FPGAs, or large multiplier arrays. These approaches deliver high performance, but at high costs: high power consumption, prohibitively complicated programming models, and unacceptable inflexibility. Esperanto Technologies CEO Art Swift will describe the architectural approach and design methodology for the company’s first supercomputer-on-chip solution for ML inferencing acceleration. The ET-SoC-1 combines the traditional flexibility and programmability of CPU cores with the high efficiency of autonomous tensor processing to deliver unmatched system-level efficiency and all-layer ML acceleration. Every element of Esperanto’s integrated solution represents best-in-class technology: the simplicity of the RISC-V instruction set, proprietary instruction-set extensions for machine learning, an on-chip mesh interconnect, a uniquely optimized memory hierarchy, state of the art process technology, and custom low-voltage circuits. In this way, Esperanto delivers more performance per watt than existing products without compromising flexibility.
  • When: April 15, 2021 (Japan time)

Panel Discussion: “Hot” Techs for “Cool” AI Computing: Do We have Enough Tricks?

  • Organizer and Moderator: Masato Motomura (Tokyo Tech)
  • Panelists:
    Yusuke Doi (Preferred Networks, Japan)
    Avi Baum (Hailo, Israel)
    Art Swift (Esperanto Technologies, USA)
    Mitsuhisa Sato (Riken, Japan)
  • Abstract: It is often mentioned that data is the new oil in the 21st century. Importantly, oil was able to drive industrial revolution only after the advent of combustion engine. By analogy, data can drive AI revolution only after the right silicon engines, i.e., cool chips. The panel will discuss hot topics regarding this important role that cool chips should fulfill for AI computing from various aspects.
  • When: April 14, 2021 (Japan time)

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About Esperanto Technologies:
Esperanto Technologies develops high-performance, energy-efficient computing solutions for Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning based on the open standard RISC-V instruction set architecture. Esperanto is headquartered in Mountain View, California with engineering sites in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas in the United States and multiple sites in Europe. Esperanto has brought together a seasoned team of experienced processor and software engineers with the goal of making RISC-V the architecture of choice for compute-intensive applications such as AI and Machine Learning. For more information, please visit