Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities And Challenges, by Gartner


“Artificial intelligence is one up-and-coming technology that even complete laymen have an interest in. This is not really surprising, as AI has the potential to disrupt every aspect of our lives….”

“Who is pushing forward…

Startups are also very important for the advancement of artificial intelligence. At a recent Gartner event in Munich, Germany, Alan Priestley, Senior Director and Analyst at Gartner, gave attendants a brief list of promising AI startups:

  • Horizon Robotics. Provider of integrated and open embedded artificial intelligence solutions. One of their pronounced goals is to give cars ‘brains‘ to make them smart vehicles.
  • Cambricon. Pioneer of deep learning processors. The company is a financial unicorn, meaning that its value is over one billion dollars.
  • Esperanto Technologies. Developer of energy-efficient computing solutions based on the open standard RISC-V.”

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