Esperanto Technologies at DAC 2018

Meet Mike Dierickx of Esperanto Technologies at DAC 2018

Advancing Custom/AMS Design & Verification for Storage, Automotive, and AI Applications: a Synopsys Lunch Panel.

Abstract: New-age applications such as storage, automotive, and AI are generating exacting demands on underlying semiconductor electronics such as Flash memory, GPUs, and application-specific processors. As a result, today’s IC designers increasingly have to contend with a dual set of challenges: FinFET design complexity, and stringent performance and reliability requirements demanded by these applications. At this event, designers will share their perspectives on some of these challenges and discuss how they leverage Synopsys’ Custom Design solutions to address these challenges to deliver robust AMS designs.

Mike Dierickx of Esperanto Technologies will introduce Esperanto, share his perspective on these challenges, and discuss how Esperanto leverages Synopsys’ Custom Design solutions.

Where: San Francisco Marriot Marriott Marquis, B2 Level, Golden Gate Ballroom

When: Monday 6/25 11:30am – 1:30pm

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