A new article, by Jeffrey Burt, in The Next Platform, discussed how Esperanto Technologies is targeting ML Inference performance and power efficiency.

Burt writes:

  • “What Esperanto developed is a chip that includes 1,088 of its power-efficient ET-Minion in-order cores, each of which sports a vector tensor unit, and four ET-Maxion out-of-order cores. The ET-SoC-1 providers more than 160 million bytes of on-chip SRAM, interfaces for large external memory with low-power LPDDR4x DRAM and eMMC Flash and compatibility with PCIe x8 Gen4 and other I/O interfaces.”
  • “Most important, the chip can drive peak rates of 100 to 200 TOPS and operate at less than 20 watts, which means six of the chips would come in under the 120-watt power budget. This comes from the route Esperanto took in the design of the chip, Ditzel said.”

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