Hear the new EE Times podcast, by Sally Ward-Foxton, with Dave Ditzel: “Data Center Hot Chips, Plus Aart de Geus on AI in Chip Design.”

Ward-Foxton writes:

  • “I spoke with Esperanto founder and executive chairman Dave Ditzel, who famously co-authored the paper “the case for RISC” with David Patterson in 1980.
  • As Ditzel is a long time RISC supporter, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the design Esperanto has been working on is based on customized RISC-V cores – in fact, by a long way the highest performance commercial RISC-V chip to date – and among biggest RISC-V design ever – with 1088 cores.
  • It’s an AI accelerator targeting hyper-scale data centers, in particular workloads like recommendation, which are very important to hyper-scalers, but which are really tough for accelerators – to the point where the vast majority of recommendation models are still run on general-purpose CPUs. Esperanto has been working very closely with hyper-scalers for insight into their requirements.
  • Here’s a clip from my conversation with Esperanto’s Dave Ditzel.”

Esperanto coverage starts at 4:06 min until 10:39 min.

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