Read Forbes Magazine’s interesting new article: “Esperanto Launches AI Accelerator with Over 1000 RISC-V Cores.” Written by Karl Freund, Founder and Principal Analyst, Cambrian-AI Research LLC, for Forbes Enterprise Tech.

Freund covers topics including company history, the Esperanto ET-SoC-1 performance and power efficiency, and RISC-V aspects.

He writes in Forbes:

  • “Esperanto has announced more details at Hot Chips about its much-anticipated AI accelerator designed for power-efficient inference processing.”
  • “The initial focus for the new Esperanto ET-SoC-1 will be in the hot market for recommendation engines for e-commerce and social media firms, but the company sees other opportunities emerging in edge AI as well.”
  • “The new Esperanto chip for recommendation engines shows a strong story.”
  • “We look forward to examining the details of the Esperanto chip in the near future. From the HotChips presentation, one can see they have engineered a new memory architecture that should support the huge tables needed for recommendation prediction.”

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