Deloitte: ‘Pervasive’ AI promises to transform agriculture, health care, and manufacturing

2018-11-08T07:32:44+00:00November 8th, 2018|

In VentureBeat, Kyle Wiggers highlights Deloitte's new report, asserting that the era of pervasive intelligence is drawing nigh. Deloitte noted: “This year alone, companies have raised more than $1.5 billion to develop AI silicon that can perform complex computations while consuming “minute” amounts of power. Among them are [...]

ECN: Experts Examine New Innovations and Share Advice for Future Engineers

2018-10-10T08:26:55+00:00October 10th, 2018|

In Electronic Component News (ECN) Roundtable Part 2: Experts Examine New Innovations and Share Advice for Future Engineers   With Art Swift... "RISC-V is the new processor ISA that has been adopted by more than 100 companies, organizations, and academic institutions as the platform of choice for [...]

In Design & Reuse: Esperanto Technologies Expands AI Engineering Leadership Team

2018-08-20T11:27:50+00:00August 20th, 2018|

News in Design & Reuse!      More top #AI #ML talent joining Esperanto Technologies to manage RISC-V-based SoC development. Both from the Tesla autopilot group.... David Glasco as Vice President of Engineering and Dan Bailey as Senior Director of Engineering. Glasco and Bailey will oversee [...]

One of the world’s largest storage companies is investing into processing, here’s why

2018-08-19T06:55:42+00:00August 17th, 2018|

One of the world's largest storage companies is investing into processing... Should Intel, AMD and ARM be afraid? By Desire Athow in Computing      Western Digital sent shockwaves around the hardware world last year when it announced support for the open-source RISC-V platform. Although still an upstart in the market, [...]