Esperanto Technologies Recognized by IBT as a Top Artificial Intelligence Startup for 2021

2021-06-15T10:12:07-07:00June 15th, 2021|

  Esperanto Technologies has been designated a “Top Artificial Intelligence Startup for 2021” by International Business Times. Click here for the complete IBS Top AI Startups and Scaleups List. Click here for the IBT press release: IBTimes Releases List of Top AI Startups and Scaleups.  David Kaufman [...]

CNET: Esperanto in the News

2021-05-04T17:12:52-07:00May 4th, 2021|

CNET editor Stephen Shankland included Esperanto in his May 3, 2021 article on recent Intel investments….and their RISC-V based rivals. As he mentions (verbatim): Intel's stiff competition The Silicon Valley company remains profitable, but it faces stiff competition on several fronts besides TSMC and the third major [...]

Video: Art Swift @CES 2021! “RISC-V and the Future of Open-Source Computing”

2021-01-11T17:58:10-08:00January 11th, 2021|

Video from CES 2021: "RISC-V and the Future of Open-Source Computing"      Panel hosted by Chris Schodt of Engadget. Guests: Calista Redmond, CEO, RISC-V International. Art Swift, CEO, Esperanto Technologies. Krste Asanovic, Chief Architect and Co-Founder, SiFive. Ted Marena, Sr. Business Director, RISC-V, Western Digital. [...] ET-SoC-1 Chip with More Than 1,000 RISC-V Cores Aimed at Accelerating Machine Learning

2020-12-16T14:38:56-08:00December 16th, 2020|

Read the article featured in, by Abhishek Jadhav Under Machine Learning and AI: ET-SoC-1 Chip with More Than 1,000 RISC-V Cores Aimed at Accelerating Machine Learning Esperanto ET-SoC-1 64-bit with 100X better energy efficiency, therefore reducing the energy costs in data centers. Glacier Point v2 [...]

The Challenge Of RISC-V Compliance

2019-02-28T07:17:11-08:00February 28th, 2019|

In Semiconductor Engineering, by Brian Bailey: The Challenge Of RISC-V Compliance. "Showing that a processor core adheres to a specification becomes more difficult when the specification is extensible." With commentary by Allen Baum, system architect at Esperanto Technologies and chair of the RISC-V Compliance Task Group. [...]

RISC-V Cores: SweRV and ET-Maxion

2019-01-16T18:33:21-08:00January 16th, 2019|

Read Paul McLellan’s blog on two new RISC-V based cores, including Esperanto's Maxion! Highlights: "Esperanto's Polychronis Xekalakis gave a "sneak preview" of the ET-Maxion and how they went about building it. First, a summary of Maxion: High-frequency design operation at 2+ GHz designed for TSMC 7nm [...]

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